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During the Corona or Covid 19 pandemic, there are very many valuable lessons in life, some schools have implemented online learning (online) including the school where I teach at Madrasah Aliyah Kabeloa Al-khairaat Pewunu, when starting online learning, there are many ups and downs experienced By teachers or students when students and students cannot meet in person and greet each other as usual in class, even though they cannot meet directly with students but through online learning groups, WhatsApp and messenger, there are still opportunities between students and teachers to ask each other about their health and health.

This is all the government’s efforts in reducing the impact of the spread of the Corona Virus or covid 19, With the transfer of learning activities from school to home via online, thank God Students do not miss the subject matter delivered by teachers via online and continue to gain knowledge such as learning at school, in this online application is not only students and teachers play a role but parents also participate in trying to motivate children to study at home via online, and here also parents can play a big role in becoming temporary teachers and continue to help teachers to guide children who have difficulty completing assignments from the teacher.

In the middle of online learning, there are many obstacles due to existing limitations, so students are a little difficult to complete the assignments of each teacher in the field of study, ranging from the limitations of students who do not have smartphones to the limitations of students who have economically disadvantaged, but all these shortcomings it is not an obstacle for us from the teacher to help students complete their assignments, some children who do not have cellphones are then given a solution to upload their assignments through their friends’ personal accounts who have cellphones in the same class as them and in the same environment. And we also get other obstacles from parents of students who only work odd jobs every day so that the time to monitor and guide children to study at home is not controlled,

After the homeroom teacher participates in solving the problems that occur with parents who are still busy with work, we teachers give some advice to parents so that they can give time to guide children to do assignments at night. We all know that not all parents can be prepared to become online tutors for their children. But there are also many positive responses from other parents, starting from the psychological closeness between children and parents who may not communicate very well before Covid, parents also always know their children’s academic development and foster togetherness and build a comfortable atmosphere in the environment. House.

And in the end, the ups and downs during online learning can be taken on the positive side and there are also advantages and disadvantages, but it is the teacher’s job to determine the method, style or teaching technique that is in accordance with the characteristics of the students who are accompanied to learn to gain knowledge.

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